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      恒暉 EB-800PM 平面UV光固機

      功能特點 Feature 
      2 本機底部裝有抽風機一臺,上部裝有排風機3臺,并設有獨立開關控制,可達到將光固室內的熱量排降除之目的,以延長燈管的使用壽命。
      3 本機裝有5.6KWUV燈具二套,8KWUV燈具一套,用戶可根據工作需要隨意開動一支或三支燈管工作。以達到最好的光固效果。 

      1.The product uses sealed type structure and conveyor.In the course of curing in accordance with size and material of substrate and UV ink you can adjust the conveyor speed as well as the irradiation distance between UV lamp and substrate to increase curing effect.
      2.A set of exhauster is installed at the bottom and 3sets at the top to remove the heat in curing chamber so as to extend the lamp lifetime.
      3.Two sets of 5.6KW UV system and one set of 8KW UV system are built in. The customer can start one or three UV system(s) to get optimum curing effect. 

      技術參數 Parameter 

      最大光固工件尺寸(Max.substrate size) 800*90MM(H)
      輸送帶速度范圍(Conveyor speed rang) 1-10M/MIN
      調速方式(Speed adjustment mode) 電子無級調速 electonic stepless change
      燈管功率(Lamp wattage) 8KW*1
      總功率(Total wattage) 8.8KW
      外型尺寸(Dimensions) 2000*1130*1550MM(H)
      重量(Weight) 300KG