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      恒暉 EB-200QPY 輕型平圓兩用UV光固機 您當前的位置:首頁 > 產品展示 > 周邊設備系列

      恒暉 EB-200QPY 輕型平圓兩用UV光固機

      功能特點 Feature 
      2 本機下部裝有抽風系統一臺,可隨時將光固室內的熱量排降除,以延長燈管的使用壽命。
      3 本機具有外形美觀、適用面廣、光固效果好、質量可靠、使用安全、操作方便等優點。 

      1.The product uses sealed type structure and conveyor.In the course of curing in accordance with size and material of substrate you can use half-scale light intensity(3KW) or full-scale intensity(6KW) and at any time adjust the conveyor speed as well as the distance between UV lamp and substrate to increase curing effect. An exhauster is installed at the bottom to remove the heat in curing chamber so as to extend the lamp lifetime.
      2.The features include goodly contour, extensive application, good curing effect, reliable quality, safe to use and easy operation. 

      技術參數 Parameter 
      最大光固工件尺寸(Max.substrate size) 平面型(for flat substrate)200*120MM(H)圓柱型(for cylindrical substrate)∮200*280MM(光固寬度 Width120MM
      輸送帶速度范圍(Conveyor speed rang) 1-10M/MIN
      調速方式(Speed adjustment mode) 電子無級調速 electonic stepless change
      燈管功率(Lamp wattage) 5KW/380V
      風機功率(Exhauster wattage) 750W/1P/200V
      輸送帶電機功率(Conveyor motor wattage) 60W/1P/220V
      總功率(Total wattage) 5.4KW
      外型尺寸(Dimensions) 2000*900*1350MM(H)
      重量(Weight) 160KG