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      恒暉 SP-814E氣動單色移印機


      1 微電腦控制各功能動作,操作簡單方便。
      2 內設四位數自動記數器。
      3 機器架構采用優質鋁合金,質輕堅固。
      4 油輥上墨,裝拆和清洗方便。
      5 獨立的膠頭上下行程和速度調節。
      6 自動平衡之油刀,刮油干凈利落。
      7 可以兩次粘墨移印一次,以便獲得較大的印刷油墨。
      8 可以前后空行不落膠,防止稍停時油墨干固。

      Microprocessor controls each function for easy operation.
      4-Digit auto counter is built in.
      High quality aluminum alloy is used to make structure solid and weight light.
      Ink is applied by ink roller which is easy to remove and clean.
      Independent up/down stroke for pad and adjustable speed.
      Auto balanced blade for easy ink scraping.
      Extra function "twice inking, once printing" is designed for thicker ink film.
      Be able to sweep forward/backward without lowering pad to avoid ink drying when paused.

      技術參數 Parameter

      鋼板尺寸(Plate size) 100×75,100,150mm
      最大移印壓力(Max. pad pressure) 473N(6bar)
      最大移印速度(Max. printing speed) 1300pcs/hr
      耗氣量(Air consumption) 52Litre/min(6bar)
      功率(Wattage) 110/220v 60/50Hz 50w
      外形尺寸(Dimensions) 580x360x1264mm
      重量(Weight) 68Kg