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      恒暉 SP-814C氣動單色移印機


      1 微電腦控制各功能動作,操作簡單方便。
      2 內設五位數自動記數器。
      3 機器架構采用優質鋁合金,質輕堅固。
      4 油輥上墨,裝拆和清洗方便。
      5 設有安全防護罩,符合安全要求。
      6 自動平衡之油刀,刮油干凈利落。
      7 可以前后空行不落膠,防止稍停時油墨干固。

      1.Each function controlled by microprocessor for easy operation;
      2.Five-digit auto counter built in;
      3.High quality aluminium alloy is used to make structure solid and weight light;
      4.Ink roller is used for ink covering, so it is easy to clean, install and uninstall;
      5.Independent pad up/down stroke and speed adjustment;
      6.Auto balanced doctor blade available for efficient ink scraping;
      7.Printing speed adjustable to fulfil various requirements;
      8."Inking twice, printing once" for thick ink film;
      9.Able to sweep forward/backward without lowering pad to avoid ink drying at intervals;
      10.2-color and 1-color printing available;
      11.Drying with auto air blowing for easy color registration.

      技術參數 Parameter

      鋼板尺寸(Plate size) 100×75,100,150mm
      最大移印壓力(Max. pad pressure) 740N(6bar)
      最大移印速度(Max. printing speed) 1500pcs/hr
      耗氣量(Air consumption) 130Litre/min(6bar)
      功率(Wattage) 110/220v 60/50Hz 50w
      外形尺寸(Dimensions) 650x400x1284mm
      重量(Weight) 85Kg