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      恒暉 H-400S 氣動平面/曲面燙金機 您當前的位置:首頁 > 產品展示 > 燙金機系列

      恒暉 H-400S 氣動平面/曲面燙金機

      1 西門子LOGO!控制器控制,確保機器運行穩定可靠。
      2 采用歐姆龍溫控器,確保發熱溫度穩定,保證燙印質量。
      3 曲肘機構設計,壓縮空氣消耗少,壓力強勁。
      4 燙印壓力、溫度、燙壓時間可調。
      5 工作臺可自動前后移動,便于安全快速操作。
      6 工作臺可前后、左右、旋轉調節。
      7 自動送紙、收紙,并可調。
      8 加裝光電管(電眼)后可對帶接點的熱轉印紙進行跟蹤到位控制。
      9 燙印頭高度升降可調,可燙印較大的工作。
      10 使用風油轉換裝置,梭動工作臺帶動工件平穩旋轉燙印。
      11 設有安全防護裝置,保障操作者的安全。  
      燙板高度調節量: 200mm
      燙印最大整圓直徑: φ125mm
      燙印溫度選擇范圍: 室溫~280度
      燙金紙卷繞長度: ≤450mm
      最大燙印壓力: 2500kgf (7bar)
      最大燙印速度: 500pcs/hr
      電源: 110/220V 60/50Hz
      發熱功率: 3000W
      耗氣量 :150L/min
      外形尺寸: 870×1272×1785mm
      重量: 330kg

      1.Microprocessor control together with LCD display (English version available) for easy operation;
      2.Stamping pressure/temperature/time all adjustable;
      3.Crank mechanism design provides strong pressure with little loss;
      4.5-digit auto counter built in;
      5.Worktable moves lengthwise automatically. It is good for safe and quick operation;
      6.Adjustment available on worktable front/rear, left/right and plane angle;
      7.Foil feeding and collecting are automatic and adjustable;
      8.The foil with dots can be traced and controlled with a photo sensor installed;
      9.Protecting device ensures the operator’s safety;
      10.The adjusting range of stamp height is wide, so substrate with large size can be printed.
      11.Pneumatic-hydraulic conversion system enables worktable to take substrate to rotate smoothly, and print quality is consistent. 
      Max. stamping pressure: 24500N;
      Max. stamping diameter: φ125mm;
      Size of stamping plate: 300mm×400mm;
      Stamping temperature adjustable range: 0-280℃;
      Heating wattage: 3000W;
      Stamping foil winding length: ≤450 mm;
      Max. stamping speed: 500pcs/hr;
      Air consumption: 150Litre/min;
      Power: 110/220V 60/50Hz;
      Outline dimension: 870×1272×1785mm;
      Weight: 330Kg.