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      恒暉 H-200M 氣動仿形(曲面、多邊形、異形)燙金機 您當前的位置:首頁 > 產品展示 > 燙金機系列

      恒暉 H-200M 氣動仿形(曲面、多邊形、異形)燙金機

      功能特點 Feature 

      1 設有仿形機構,能燙印普通燙金機無法燙印的各種多邊形,異形面。
      2 仿行機構帶動工件旋轉,膠輥旋轉傳熱燙印。
      3 微電腦程序控制,液晶顯示所有控制功能(可選用中英文字幕)操作簡單方便。
      4 燙印壓力、溫度、速度均可調。
      5 燙印頭升降可調。
      6 內設五位自動計數器。
      7 工作臺可前后左右調節。
      8 使用風油轉換裝置,保證工件平穩旋轉燙印。
      9 加裝平面轉印工作臺后,可實現平面燙印。  

      1.Microprocessor control and LCD display (English version available) allow simple operation;
      2.Rubber roller contacts with substrates in linear form to avoid pin holes on stamping surface;
      3.High precision photo sensor is used to monitor and control the feeding of foil with dots and a timer is used for the foil without dots;
      4.Stamping head height is adjustable to meet the requirements for different substrates with various heights;
      5.Worktable can be adjusted forward/bakcward and left/right, and turned slightly;
      6.Profiling mechanism ensures proper stamping on irregular substrates;
      7.5-digit counter built in;
      8.Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, temperature and speed;
      9.Using pneumatic-hydraulic conversion cylinder to ensure smooth stamping;
      10.Auto foil feeding and collecting and the feeding length adjustable.

      技術參數 Parameter 

      燙印工件最大直徑(Max. diameter) φ200 mm
      燙印溫度選擇范圍(Stamping temp. range) Ambient~300℃;
      最大工件高度(Max. work piece height) 300 mm
      燙印壓力選擇范圍(Stamping pressure) ≤80kgf (7bar)
      最大燙印速度(Max. Printing speed) 400 pcs/hr
      電源(Power) 110/220V 50Hz
      發熱功率(Heating power) 1200 W
      耗氣量(Air consumption) ≤145 L/min
      外形尺寸(Dimensions) 1650x950x1850 mm
      重量(Weight) 200Kg