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      恒暉 H-168S 氣動平面/曲面燙金機

      功能特點 Feature 
      1 微電腦程序控制,氣動元件驅動。
      2 燙印壓力,溫度,時間可調。
      3 工作臺可手動前后移動,便于安全快速操作。
      4 工作臺可前后、左右、旋轉調節。
      5 自動送紙、收紙、并可調。
      6 根據工件的不同高度,可以分別通過手柄和氣缸調程螺母調節燙印頭的高度和氣缸行程。
      7 用于燙印曲面/圓面;卸下梭動工作臺即為平面燙金機。 

      1.Micro-processor controlling, pneumatic units driving;
      2.Stamping pressure, temperature and time adjustable;
      3.Worktable could be adjustable for forth/back move, easy and safe operation;
      4.Worktable coulbe be adjustable for its forth/back, left/right position, as well as turned slightly;
      5.Auto and adjustable paper feeding, collection;
      6.According to different height of various substrates, stamping height adjustment through turning handwheel and stamping stroke adjustment by turning knob;
      7.Available for bend and cylindrical substance printing; dismantle shuttle table for flat printing. 

      技術參數 Parameter 

      燙板面積(Heating plate size ) 100x180 mm
      工作臺尺寸(Work table size) 108x108 mm
      燙印頭行程(Stamping stroke) 25~75 mm
      燙印溫度選擇范圍(Stamping temp. range) Ambient~280℃;
      最大工件高度(Max. work piece height) 95 mm
      燙印壓力選擇范圍(Stamping pressure) ≤130kgf
      最大燙印速度(Max. Printing speed) 1000 pcs/hr
      電源(Power) 220V 50Hz
      發熱功率(Heating power) 900 W
      氣源壓力(Max.Pressure) 4~7 bar
      耗氣量(Air consumption) ≤58L/min
      外形尺寸(Dimensions) 630x580x1385 mm
      重量(Weight) 108 Kg